2020 research activities

Head Prof. Leeor Kronik

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Prof. Leeor Kronik

משרד +972-8-934-4993

רקע כללי

Activities in the Department span a wide range of topics from soft, composite and hard materials to energy research, nanoscience, and biological materials. A unifying theme is the study of material functionality and its relation to fundamental properties at multiple scales. These properties may be mechanical, structural, chemical, electronic, magnetic, optical, and more. Some examples are:

How do shapes and sizes of nm-sized particles affect their properties?

How can we tune the properties of solar cells by manipulating their material interfaces?

How does friction in knee and hip joints depend on polyelectrolytes that lubricate them?

How can we design self-assembling (bio)chemical systems?


THE RESEARCH IS BASED ON AN INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACH, and indeed the scientists bring complementary experience in chemistry and physics, including both theory and experiment.

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