Microsoft Exchange 2016 supports the rich and easy-to-use OWA (Outlook Web Access) Web interface, which enables remote access to Outlook - including all e-mail, calendar and appointment book, contact and task management components - via a Web browser.

To benefit from all OWA capabilities to the fullest, use the following platforms and browsers:

  • Microsoft Windows
    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
  • Apple macOS
    • Safari
    • Firefox
  • Linux
    • Firefox

Instructions for Use 

  1. Launch your Web browser.
  2. Enter the appropriate address in the URL field, as follows:
  1. Select whether you are using a public or personal computer. Selection of the personal computer option will result in personal information being allowed to be stored on the computer.
  2. Should you be using a slow connection, enable the Use Outlook Web App Light checkbox. While this will limit the feature set available to you, it will also ensure enhanced performance.
  3. Enter your user ID and password.
  4. Click Sign In and the OWA interface - which greatly resembles Outlook, in both appearance and functionality - will load in your browser.

When using browsers other than those listed above, such as those available on smartphones and tablets, the OWA interface will automatically load in light operation mode, which supports basic features and functionality only.