2020 research activities

Head Prof. Eli Zeldov

Picture of Prof. Eli Zeldov

Prof. Eli Zeldov

משרד +972-8-934-2892

רקע כללי

The scientific activity of the department is mainly concentrated around the experimental and theoretical research in quantum solid state physics. It includes experimental research of mesoscopic physics, quantum Hall physics, topological states of matter, high temperature superconductors, two and one dimensional superconductors, metal-insulator transition, carbon nanotubes, semiconductor nanowires, and study of material growth. The theoretical efforts concentrate on similar subjects with added work on disordered materials, cold atoms, and quantum optics.
The Braun Center for sub micron research is an integral part of the department. It is a modern and well equipped center, with growth (three MBE's) and characterization systems, which allows to conduct experiments on sub micron semiconductor structures under high magnetic fields, conventional and high temperature superconductors, and nanowires made of carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanowires.

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