Apple Mail, combined with Apple Calendar and Address Book, is the embedded application on the Macintosh platform used for Microsoft Exchange integration. It includes e-mail and other collaborative information such as a corporate address book and calendar.

The embedded application integrates seamlessly with the Institute's Exchange servers, and is easy to configure and use.


  • Built-in Quicklook support
  • Smart search and folders
  • Easy to use Conversation view
  • iCloud support
  • Seamless integration with Exchange

Find additional features and information on the Apple web site.

Installation Instructions 

If you have a new Mac, Apple Mail is part of the embedded applications.

To set up your e-mail:

  1. On the Dock, click the Mail icon.
  2. Type your Full Name, Email and Password, and click Continue.
  3. The user name is replaced with your email address -  replace the email address with your Exchange user ID, and click Continue.
  4. Define the exchange server as
  5. Add support for Contacts and Calendar by checking the appropriate checkboxes.
  6. Click Continue and wait for the synchronization to complete.

Instructions for Use 

We offer a user guide to assist you in your work.

System Requirements

Apple Mail - System Requirements
Component Minimum requirement
Processor Any Intel processor
Operating system Mac OS X v10.6.8 or later
Memory 1 GB of RAM or more
Monitor 1280 x 800 pixel or higher resolution
Microsoft Exchange Server Connectivity to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 or later