Jamf Connect is a tool that is used in the Weizmann Institute of Science, for Apple Mac computers, that streamlines password syncing by allowing the use of a standard macOS local account with Weizmann credentials (username/password).


Jamf Connect also includes a new menu bar application that shows you how many days you have until your password expires and provides links to frequently used services.

Jamf Connect Menu Bar Icon:   

Jamf Connect can also convert a local user with local credentials to a local user with Weizmann credentials and adds a system add-on, that keeps the passwords synchronized.

Weizmann IT will be deploying Jamf Connect in the coming months.

New Macs will be supplied with Jamf Connect preinstalled.

On Computers with Jamf Connect you will only be able to create additional users using Weizmann user/password

Installation Instructions 

These tutorials will help get started with Jamf Connect on your Mac:

* The login window in the tutorials was replaced with the new Weizmann login window

Connect Mac to Jamf Connect

Password Sync Jamf Connect

Using Jamf Connect Menu Bar

Add new Weizmann User with Jamf Connect

New Mac Setup Process with Jamf Connect (Video)

Minimum System Requirements:

Jamf Connect is supported on MacOS 10.14 Mojave and up