Mass Cytometry Resources

CyTOF Helios (Cytometry by Time of Flight)

Enables quantification of over 40 metal-tagged antibodies targeting extracellular, intracellular and nuclear markers of millions of single cells in suspension.

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MIBIScope (Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging)

Enables quantitative imaging of over 40 metal-tagged antibodies in situ in a single scan, full periodic table coverage across a five-log dynamic range, with fields of view up to 800 μm × 800 μm at resolutions down to 350 nm and sensitivities approaching single-antibody detection. MIBI analysis can be performed on FFPE, fresh, or frozen tissue.

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Antibodies repository and a fully equipped sample preparation lab
  • Over 500 validated, metal-labeled antibodies
  • All commercially available metal conjugation kits (
  • Barcoding regents (Cell-ID™ 20-Plex Pd Barcoding Kit ; CD45-based Cd Barcodes for Human and Mouse)
  • MIBI Slides
  • Buffers and additional supporting reagents

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Cytobank (mass cytometry analysis platform)

A cloud-based platform that offers machine-learning assisted analysis of high dimensional single-cell data enabling dimensionality reduction, clustering and prediction algorithms.

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FlowJo (cytometry analysis platform)

FlowJo is the leading platform for single-cell flow cytometry analysis that helps you interpret your data quickly and effectively with accessible features for immunophenotyping, cell cycle analysis, proliferation, kinetics studies, quantitative population comparison, high-dimensional analysis and more.


ECHO Revolve - Hybrid Fluorescence Microscope

DAPI - EX:385/30 EM:450/50 DM:425

FITC - EX:470/40 EM:525/50 DM:495

CY5 - EX:640/30 EM:690/50 DM:660

AF594 - EX:580/30 EM:635/50 DM:594


2x PLAN Apochromat NA 0.08 WD 6.2mm

4x PLAN X Apo NA 0.16 WD 13mm

10x PLAN X Apo NA 0.40 WD 3.1mm

20x PLAN X Apo NA 0.80 WD 0.6mm

40x PLAN X Apo Oil NA 1.40 WD 0.13mm


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