MICC Cell Observatory Safety

General biosafety

Work in the cell observatory facility should be conducted according to the general safety guidelines of the Weizmann institute safety unit.

Users should wear lab-coats and protective gloves wherever necessary.

Smoking, eating or drinking are not permitted in the lab and the microscopy rooms.


Laser safety

Users should work on the microscope only after obtaining a dedicated training and permission.

The lasers in the microscopes of the cell observatory unit are classified as Class 4 and Class 3B laser products. These lasers are potentially harmful only in case of direct contact with eyes or skin. The systems are equipped with safety protections to prevent any direct contact, therefore it is safe to work without laser dedicated protection.

However, when the system is under maintenance/calibration by an external technicians, the laser beam is exposed and harmful.

During maintenance/calibration, a warning lamp outside the lab is on, users must not enter the room.

The external technician will work according to specific laser safety guidelines defined by the safety unit.

In any case of malfunction or danger please inform the unit staff

In case of emergency call the service center at X2999