Bacteriology & Genomic repository About

Bacteriology Unit

We Offer the following Services:

  • Preparation of basic and complex liquid media along with agar plates
  • Growth of microorganisms in 1 to 100-liter scale using an array of bioreactors and fermenters
  • Harvesting of microorganisms using large scale continuous centrifuges
  • Cell disruption and homogenization using a Microfluidizer and homogenizer

Genomic Repository Unit

  • Evolution in a cup - sophisticated small scale fermentation services. Suitable for and array of experiments such as:
    • In vivo evolution
    • Continuous cultures
    • Perturbation experiments
    • Competition experiments & more …
  • Forchheimer plasmid bank – The Weizmann central plasmid bank stocks several dozen E. coli strains, and over 1,500 distinct plasmids. These reagents are suitable for growing, cloning, and expression in a variety of platforms such as: bacteria, yeast, insect & mammalian cells.
  • cDNA & Whole Genome collections – We stock over a dozen Genomic collections, strains and clones, from bacterial, yeast, mouse & human origin. These reagents are distributed to the WIS researchers and students upon request.
  • RNAi reagents – We have and distribute about 50 pre-designed siRNA libraries towards many of the human and mouse genes. These reagents are used for screening mammalian cells ranging from functional studies through reporter based assays.