Irradiation Safety

Safety Instructions for the Operation of  XRAD 320

1. The irradiation unit permits the use of the irradiator machine, XRAD 320, only to authorized workers, who have received proper training.

2. Operating the system is allowed only after training was done.

3. Possession of food and drinks in the lab is prohibited.

4. During your work in the irradiation machine, close the door of the laboratory.

5. At the end of your work, organize the work area and close the door of the laboratory.

6. In case of malfunction or failure of operation, it's absolutely forbidden to touch the machine. Call Jossef Jacobovitch at 08-934-2597

7. In case of emergency (fire, flooding or mechanical), please leave the room immediately and contact Shlomit Yoav from the safety  unit:  phone no.:2810.

    After 16:30 call phone no. 2999