MICC Cell Observatory About

The de Picciotto Cancer Cell Observatory in Memory of Wolfgang and Ruth Lesser
of the MICC (Part of the Moross Integrated Cancer Center)

The cell observatory unit supplies services in the field of advanced optical imaging and Image analysis, aiming to provide researchers with cutting-edge optical imaging technologies that are not available on campus or complement missing instrumentation and configuration of advanced optical imaging that are not available to all researchers. The unit supports researchers with the selection of suitable imaging technology for their scientific question, through sample preparation and imaging up to image visualization and analysis.

In the field of Image analysis, we address all issues related to post-acquisition of biological imaging data from various imaging modalities (Light and Electron microscopy, Histology, MRI, uCT) ranging from image visualization and quantitative image analysis, providing relevant infrastructure and software licenses to related guidance and training. We can devise a proper analysis workflow for the specific application, or guide the investigator through the necessary steps.

We encourage researchers to consult us in the early stage of a project, discussing aspects of proper sample preparation and imaging needed to enable quantitative analysis of the data, and achieving meaningful results.


This unit operates within the Moross Integrated Cancer Center.

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