Mass Cytometry About

Mass Cytometry allows us to quantitatively measure the expression level of over 40 different proteins (extracellular, intracellular and nuclear) simultaneously in single cells. It is simple and routine and we can analyze millions of cells every day. It utilizes antibodies, targeting our proteins of interest, labeled with unique heavy metal isotopes, instead of fluorophores. These are used to label cells, which then pass through a mass spectrometer. Extensive panels of antibodies enable in depth phenotypic and functional studies of complex cellular systems, without the limitations of auto-fluorescence and spectral overlap.

Acquisition is available in two formats:

  1. CyTOF (Cytometry by Time of Flight) for single-cell samples in suspension (flow cytometry).
  2. MIBI (Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging) for imaging of tissue sections on slides, enabling preservation of spatial information (in situ).

The Mass Cytometry Unit is equipped with a 3rd generation Mass Cytometer, CyTOF-Helios, and a MIBI Imaging System, both backed by a repository of over 500 validated antibodies and multiparameter tools for single-cell analysis.


Authorship and Acknowledgment

The work performed in the Mass Cytometry Unit is a scientific collaboration, and should be acknowledged as such in papers, presentations, posters, scholarly reports and all other publications.

Most of the projects require extensive support, from experimental design, through sample preparation, logistics and data analyses and interpretation, and in most cases constitute contributions meriting co-authorship.