Stem Cells & Advanced Cell Technologies About

The SC Core & ACT Unit provides WIS researchers with access to knowledge, resources, equipment and assistance working with Pluripotent Stem Cells (PSCs), Tissue Culture Cells (TCCs), tissues and Viral Vectors


We offer a variety of services focused around 4 key areas:


Stem Cells related services

  • High quality Embryonic/induced Pluripotency SCs (ESCs/iPSCs naïve or primed, frozen or in a ready for the experiment format)
  • Genetic modification of ESCs by various technologies
  • Production of new mouse ESC lines
  • Derivation of iPSCs
  • Differentiation of ESCs to specialized cell types
  • Irradiated feeders and media for feeder independent ESCs maintenance


Viral Vector (VV) Core services

  • Hands-on consultation for selecting preferred VV tool and effective use of VV technologies
  • Custom design of novel viruses for special needs
  • Production of Adeno-Associated-Viral (AAV) vectors for various scientific purposes


Equipment based services

  • HyperSpectral Karyotyping (SKY) of human and mouse cells with ASI Complete Multicolor Karyotyping & FISH System (HiSKY): ASI’s HyperSpectral platform is based on Fourier Transform Spectroscopy. The system simultaneously measures the spectra for each pixel in the visual and low-near infrared range. Spectral images of chromosomes labeled with ASI’s SkyPaint whole chromosome painting probes are captured and then analyzed using SpectraView software
  • CellCelector Robotic System service: The ALS CellCelector is a freely configurable tool for the automated picking of single cells, cell colonies and cell clusters utilizing morphological and fluorescence features of a target. This harvest process allows gentle and sterile cell uptake directly from the culture plate without pre-treatment. CellCelector gives a unique ability working with low amount cell samples. Using this technology, highest survival rate and cell integrity are guaranteed for any downstream application
  • Laser Micro Dissection (LMD) service: PALM MicroBeam system from Carl Zeiss allows selective and gentle isolation of tissue or cell material from fresh, cryopreserved or fixed mammalian, plant or insect tissues for subsequent molecular analysis (RNA, DNA, proteins)
  • Seahorse Metabolic Analyzers service for rapid and quantitative measurement of cellular bioenergetics: Seahorse XF Analyzers measure the oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and extracellular acidification rate (ECAR) of live cells in a multi-well plate to interrogate key cellular functions such as mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis. The instruments perform compound addition and mixing, label-free detection, and automatic calculation of OCR and ECAR in real time
  • Large Scale Mammalian Cells and Cell clusters expansion plant: GE Wave bioreactor systems with single-use up to 25L capacity bags for suspension cells culture or microcarrier-based adherent cells culture. Allows propagation of cells in large amounts, production of recombinant proteins (via transient or stable transfections), antibodies or viruses


Tissue Culture Cells (TCCs) Related Services

  • We hold NCI60 human tumor cell library. It can be used by Weizmann Institute Scientific community after signing MTA with NCI (Frederick, MD, USA). Few other basic TCC lines are available too.
  • Genetic modification of TCCs by various technologies
  • Small Scale Cell Based Screens: NC60 panel based small scale screens with high precision EzMate automated pipetting robotic system and Infinite Pro200 plate reader. Screens can be adapted to various cell models, different cell treatments and detection endpoints
  • Long term Cell Storage/Banking Service with controlled Vapor/Liquid Phase Nitrogen freezers