MRI How to order


The facility is available to the Weizmann researchers by pre-scheduling via the internal services system. Use of the scanner is of course subject to individual Helsinki or IACUC documents and agreements. Each researcher must obtain advanced training to use the MRI and/or operate the center equipment. Unauthorized persons may not be allowed into the research facility for any reason.

A web based scheduling system has been created for your convenience. Using this system, you will be able to schedule time slots (in units of half an hour) on the MRI scanners. The guidelines designed to enable optimal access to all users in a transparent manner.

An MRI operator will be available between 8:00-16:30. Operation during other hours should be coordinated at least a day in advance with the facility staff. When intranet is down, scheduling can be done by phone (08-9346214).


Every group can reserve up to two days per week and up to four weeks in advance. Pre-approval is required for longer sessions.

Cancellations and Charges

Cancellation before 24 hours from the scheduled scan time will not be associated with a charge. Cancellation within less than 24 hours will result with a full charge. For your convenience attached instructions to the scheduling program.

Scheduling Instructions

To access the MRI scheduling go to the Internal Services Web Site Internal services and press NEW to access the "service list" page. Choose MRI in the in Life Sciences Core Facilities and then press OK. Instrument: Choose the instrument  MRI-3T or MRI-7T.

Entering Information regarding your planned study

You will have to indicate the following information:

  1. Study Type: (fMRI, MRI, MRS, etc..)
  2. Object: (Human, animal, phantom) When selecting Animal or Phantom it is required to enter the phantom/animal details!
  3. Helsinki: Select the Helsinki protocol for the study
  4. For Human studies: select the Weizmann IRB approved check box
  5. Special request: Specific requests from the MRI operator should be entered in the free text window.
  6. For phantom studies, select the phantom check box

After selecting the above study information please click on the requested time matrix for blocking a time slot.

Available time appears in white.

Reserved time appears in red/purple.

Down time or scheduled maintenance appears in black.

Your scheduling appears in green.

Cancel scheduling can be done by a second click on the green area in the time matrix. Only prospective time matrix can be canceled. Exit at any stage is possible by pressing the exit button.

Please check the schedule prior to arriving to the MRI center to verify that there is no unplanned down time.


Note: We charge only for the scanner usage.