Flow Cytometry Safety

Safety Procedures and Guidelines

Safety form for Weizmann users

New supervisors as well as new users should fill the FACS safety form and give details about their project. The form may be accessed either after logging on to internal services or after entering the FACS reservation system.
While filling the form, special care should be taken to describe the cell types to be used as well as the biological or chemical risks involved in the project.
The form must be renewed every year, but should be modified every time a project changes.
After filling up the safety form, send an e-mail to the FACS staff with your full name and i.d. number in order to gain after hours access to the FACS Lab.

Safety form for External users

External users should fill and submit the following biosafety form 

Biological safety

Working with cell sorters

The cell sorters create aerosols during their normal operation therefore special safety devices are used to minimize the risk of work with human material. The FACSAria, cell sorters have the "AMO" (Aerosol Management Option) systems. These are devices that promote the containment of aerosols by evacuating the air in the sort collection chamber, using vacuum and passing it through a filter. Users must learn to operate these systems before sorting with human cells. They should turn on the device and write down their name and the starting hour of the sort in the notebook. At the end of their work they have to turn it off and record ending hour.

Working with cell analyzers

The cell analyzers are closed systems without aerosols. However, waste fluids must be disposed off when the waste tanks are full. Add 500ml bleach to the empty waste tank of both LSR-II cell analyzers and 150ml bleach to the empty waste tank of the FACSort cell analyzer. When the waste tanks are full dispose of the liquid with the bleach in the sink.

General biosafety

Laser safety

During regular work users are protected from a direct or reflected laser beam. You must not open the secured laser box.

  1. In case of an emergency (like fire) if you are inside the lab, break the glass on the right side of the door to exit.
  2. Call the service center at X2999 and start ignition. Notify the FACS staff.
  3. Users wear lab-coats and protective gloves wherever necessary.
  4. Smoking, eating or drinking are not permitted in the Lab.
  5. At the end of their work users must take the remains of their biological materials from the FACS room and store/use/dispose of.
  6. When the warning light, in front of the sorter room entrance, is switched to "ON", a service person work with exposed laser beam. You may not enter the room.