Available Licensed Software at the Bioinformatics LSCF

LSCF Bioinformatics has purchased floating licenses for the following programs and can install them on computers in WIS labs for a fee.

Tool Name Platform Notes Help
Sequencher Mac or Windows Sequencher tutorials Shifra Ben-Dor ext. 2470
MacVector Mac only MacVector tutorials Shifra Ben-Dor ext. 2470

Charges are billed yearly according to the software renewal date.
If you get a license in the middle of a year, you will pay a prorated amount for the remainder of that year.

Note: for SnapGene license contact IT help desk ext. 4444

LSCF Bioinformatics has purchased site licenses for the following programs:

These programs are free but registration is required in order to reserve the time for your usage

How to access these programs

Tool Name Platform Notes Help
Ingenuity Pathway analysis Web tool Ingenuity Webinars Bareket Dassa ext. 9073
Partek Genomics Suite Mac or Windows Partek webinars Ron Rotkopf ext. 5162

These programs are free and can be used from your computer in Weizmann anytime

Tool Name Platform Notes Help
GeneVestigator Web tool Genevestigator video tutorials Gil Stelzer ext. 3456 
Genomatix Genome Analyzer Web tool Genomatix tutorials Shifra Ben-Dor ext. 2470
BioCyc databases collection PC or Mac BioCyc webinars Bareket Dassa ext. 9073
The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR) PC or Mac TAIR tutorials  
The RepBase collection Web tool Registration for RepBase  

HELP and more information:
BBCU support: http://www.weizmann.ac.il/LS_CoreFacilities/bioinformatics-lscf/support


Please close these applications when you are not using them so that others can access the limited number of floating licenses.