Bacteriology about

The Bacteriology Unit provides an array of services that supports the research performed at the Institute. Most of the services come to help in the growth and the handling of microorganisms such as bacteria, algae and yeast.

The major services the unit supplies are:

  • Preparation and sterilization of culture media and buffers to support the growth of microorganisms (including standard media, and over 50 customized recipes).
  • Preparation of sterile petri dishes with or without antibiotics, and other additives (such as salts, sugars, and antibiotic gradients). We supply these in a variety of different plates including square 12cm plates, as well as round 6cm, 9cm, & 15cm plates.
  • Controlled growth of microorganisms using an array of 5 different fermentors from small to large scale (between 1 lit and 100 liters scale).
  • Development of Upstream Process – In this service we grow microorganisms using a set of different variables, to find the conditions that produce the best levels of cell growth and/or protein expression. This service is meant for researchers who need the continuous supply of medium to large quantities of biomass and/or expressed proteins for downstream processing.
  • Harvesting of microorganisms using the continuous centrifuges.
  • Cell-mass processing using standard ultra-sonic processor and the high pressure microfluidizer.
  • Provide shaker space for the growth of microorganisms.
  • Large volume sterilization.
  • Consultation