Metabolic Profiling About

Metabolic profiling, a sub-discipline of metabolomics, is the comprehensive assessment of metabolites, which belong to various bio-chemical classes, in a biological sample. It allows for the categorization of organism phenotypes, ecotypes or genotypes according to changes or differences in their metabolomes.

During the last decade, technological developments have enabled metabolomics to emerge as a significant part of the “’omics revolution”. This has greatly advanced biological research, facilitating the ability to expand our knowledge of the molecular basis for various cellular processes. The study of metabolites can provide both a general signature of the physiological state of an organism as well as unique insights into specific biochemical processes. In addition, monitoring the metabolome as a function of time allows for the examination of temporal dynamics of normal homeostasis, as well as the effects of perturbations or stimuli on a system.


The service provides profiling of three main metabolite groups

Comprehensive Lipidome profile: free fatty acid, phospholipids, sphingolipids, triacylglycerols and other lipids upon request.

Core metabolite profile including sugars, organic acids, amino acids etc.

Profile of semi polar compounds, such as pigments, flavonols and other specialized metabolites.


Our metabolomics platforms:


  • UPLC, HPLC separation technologies
  • Photodiode Array Detectors
  • Mass Spectrometry detectors


  • Q-Exactive and QTOF Mass Spectrometers with MS/MS capabilities
  • LTQ XL Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer with MSn capabilities
  • LC-Triple Quad Mass Spectrometers


  • In-house and commercial metabolite databases
  • Full set of bioinformatics and biostatistics tools