Crystallisation and Structure Determination Resources

Crystallization lab resource


The Mosquito TTP LabTech robot is used for detecting protein crystallization conditions (screening) and for improving crystal quality prior (optimization) to X-ray data collection. It utilizes the sitting drop, hanging drop and microbatch-under-oil methods.

Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) Mosquito  

The Mosquito LCP crystallization robot is suitable for the conventional protein crystallization methods, as well as for the Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) technique, which is particularly useful for crystallizing membrane proteins

Rock Imager

The Rock Imager from Formulatrix is a storage and automated imaging system for protein crystallization plates.

X-ray data collection

Crystallographic data on protein crystals are collected either ‘in house’ in the X-ray Crystallography Laboratory at the Weizmann Institute or on Synchrotron source mostly at the

European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, France as well as other European synchrotrons.