Irradiation Safety

Safety Instructions for the Operation of  XRAD 320

1. The irradiation unit permits the use of the irradiator machine, XRAD 320, only to authorized workers, who have received proper training.

2. Food and drinks are prohibited in the lab.

3. At the end of your work, organize the work area and clean the work area with 70% Ethanol.

    4. In case of malfunction or failure of operation, it's absolutely forbidden to fix/touch the machine. Call Jossef Jacobovitch at 08-934-2597,

    or the service center at X9106 to report (08-9342999)

    5. In case of emergency (flooding or mechanical), please leave the room immediately and call the emergency center at X2999 (08-9342999).

    6. In case of fire:

      1. Call the emergency service center at X 2999 (08-9342999).
      2. Press the red emergency button located at the device.
      3. Switch off the main electric switch located outside the lab (on the wall at the left side of the lab entrance door).
      4. If possible, try to extinguish the fire with the fire extinguisher. Do not forget that the most important thing is your safety!!!