Targeted Metabolomics Resources

LC-MS LC (liquid chromatography)

Is presented by three ACQUITY UPLC I-class separation systems (Waters) featured by robust proven workability, minimized dispersion, low carryover, fast cycle-time. Each LC part is supplemented with ACQUITY UPLC Photodiode Array (PDA) eλ detector for UV-VIS absorption, which allows to detect and quantify low concentrations of compounds containing chromophores from 190 to 800 nm in a broad linear dynamic range.

One LC is also complemented with ACQUITY UPLC Fluorescence (FLR) detector providing sensitivity and selectivity to fluorescence-based applications.

The MS (mass spectrometry)

Is presented by two triple quadrupole (TQ-S) and one time-of-flight (G2-S) machines (all Waters).

Xevo TQ-S designed for MS and MS-MS targeted analysis provides reliable quantification of single compounds. Innovative StepWave technology enables high sensitivity and robustness at low specimen levels and in the complex samples.

The Xevo G2-S QTOF

Is designed for MS and MS-MS non-targeted analysis provides high mass resolution, high mass accuracy, broad dynamic range, speed of analysis, good sensitivity. It is a significant advantage of the high resolution mass spectrometer that peaks cannot only be detected and confirmed but in many cases also identified. The measured exact mass can be utilized to determine the elemental composition of a compound and its fragments. Full scan HRMS data contains a wealth of information that can be used in post-acquisition processing strategies.

The GC-MS GC (gas chromatography)

Is present by Agilent 7890A system having proven reliability and high performance.  MS part is low resolution Pegasus HT-TOF (Leco) which is characterized by high sensitivity in scan mode, high acquisition rate and spectral integrity, that favors a decrease in analysis time and good for comparison with spectral libraries.

The MS

Is equipped with Gerstel MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS), which is autosampler and sample preparation robot for headspace, solid phase micro extraction (SPME), derivatization and standard addition, cooled or heated conditioning and mixing, solid phase extraction (SPE).