MICC Cell Observatory Support


BioImaging analysis

  • Support with image visualization and extraction of quantitative information from images using a variety of open source and commercial tools
  • Guide the investigator through the necessary steps
  • Devise analysis workflow for the specific application
  • General consult
  • Software Training

Ofra Golani, ofra.golani@weizmann.ac.il, 08-934-5177,  Ullman Building basement, room 27



Support is available for:

  • Project planning and design
  • Hands-on training
  • Sample preparation
  • General consult

Sefi Addadi, yoseph.addadi@weizmann.ac.il, 08-934-6332, Ullman Building basement, room 43

Inna Goliand, inna.goliand@weizmann.ac.il, 08-934-4276, Ullman Building basement, room 35


Infrastructure (Storage, Software, Workstations):

Vitaly Golodnitskyvitaly.golodnitsky@weizmann.ac.il, 08-934-3113,  Ullman Building basement room 35