Genomics, Sandbox How to order

Hybridization to Arrays

The ordering procedure is divided to two:

Once this is done, user should schedule a scan time via "Internal Services". Under "Biological Services" go to "Microarray Queue". In the pull-down menu select "Microarray Scanner" and press the time slots you wish to use the scanne

  1. Arrays: these are purchased by the user directly from the suppliers. Affymetrix arrays are obtained from Eisenberg Brothers, Agilent arrays from Eldan. The arrays are shipped directly to the unit and are stored under your name.
  2. Sample processing:

WIS users

Ordering sample processing is done via "Internal Services". Under "Biological Services" go to "MicroArrays". Select the type of processing you require and submit.

External users

All users must have an active service agreement (commercial users, academic users) before submitting their samples. When submitting your samples please bring with you a work voucher from your institute. A price quote can be obtained from the unit upon demand. Also, please print the relevant Sample Submission form, fill it our accurately and bring it with the samples.



WIS users wishing to scan their own arrays should first be registered in the system by providing the following details to the unit staff:

  1. UserID of user
  2. UserID of PI
  3. Budget number (12 digits)