Antibody Safety

Each employee is responsible for:

Personal safety and use of personal protective dispositional

Depending on the nature and course work.

The correct and safe work without risking himself and his colleagues.

Laboratory Classification: Bio-Level Safety 2

  1. Wearing clothing suitable for work in the laboratory.
  2. Use personal protective equipment:
    1. Long sleeve gown.
    2. Closed shoes. Gloves as needed.
  3. Possession of chemicals would be under MSDS conditions.
  4. Possession of food and drinks in the lab is prohibited.
  5. Wash your hands well with soap and water after you finish your work in the laboratory.
  6. Make sure that the biological hood works optimally, confirm periodic inspection.
  7. Solid waste: collect Solid waste (products of blood, dead mice and cell culture from mice) in to Bi ohazard bags in orange bucket. Close the bag with masking tape and transfer in the bucket to the trash bin for biologically waste.
  8. Sharp waste items: collect syringes and Pasteur pipette to the appropriate container only. Place th e container in a biohazard bag and dispose it in the red refuse bin.
  9. Liquid waste: (growth media) should be decontaminated with a 1:10 hypochlorite (bleach) solution fo r one hour or with Iodophor solution for 24 hours, and then poured down the sink.
  10. Liquid Nitrogen: Use safety glasses and special gloves.
  11. At the end of the day, organize the work area. Close the lights and air conditioners and lock the d oor of the lab.

Instructions for users Please let us know what you have in your sample such as radioactive materials or biohazard material. Use clean gloves.


Antibody Unit -  We are not Anti we are Pro.