Irradiation How to order

New Weizmann User of the Irradiation unit:

Please contact Hedva Hamawi at #2237. He will explain how to use the machine, the safety requirements for the lab and the machine.

At the end of the explanation you will be granted access to the unit via your Institute ID-card.


Payment will be taken at the beginning of each month, according to the usage of the previous month. You will receive an order form via fax, that you are requested to fill out and send to:

Irradiation unit of Biological Services through the Internal Services.

New user outside of Weizmann:

If you would like to use our Irradiation unit, you will first need to sign the service agreement. This agreement needs to be authorized by your facilities lawyer.

Mail the service agreement form to:

          Life Sciences Core Facilities
         Weizmann Institute of Science
         P.O. Box 26

          Rehovot 76100

When the agreement is signed by the Weizmann Institute lawyer, you will be notified.