Antibody Antibody engineering unit

The Antibody Engineering Unit allows Weizmann’s scientists access to advanced protocols to preserve, generate and modify in-house antibodies.

Current Services 

  • Antibody production

    Sequencing and cloning of antigen-specific antibodies from mouse germinal center B cells using single cell sorting and sequencing

  • Hybridoma Sequencing

    Hybridomas secreting highly validated antibodies, take a significant time and resources to develop but are easily lost due to contamination, naturally occurring isotype switching or antibody production diminishes over time. Therefore, it is crucial to preserve valuable Antibody sequences following monoclonal antibody production or immediately upon receiving an outsourced Antibody producing hybridoma.

  • Hybridoma screening – to verify single clone origin

    Production of a monoclonal antibody is often the key to its function, and any heterogeneity may influence our ability to establish the efficiency of the antibody. Therefore, it is important to verify monoclonality of each in-house or outsourced antibody producing hybridoma.

  • Switching Antibody Subtypes

    In the unit, we can switch antibody subtypes from IgG2a/b/IgG3 to IgG1

  • Switch Antibody Species

    In the unit, we can switch antibody species from murine to human (producing a chimeric antibody)

  • Switch Antibody Isotypes

    In the unit, we can switch antibody isotypes from IgM to IgG

  • Reformat the Antibody

    We offer to humanize the chimeric antibody via alignment with human germline sequences and CDR grafting

  • Large scale Antibody production

    We use an adapted Expi293F expression system to produce large antibody quantities.