Antibody About

Current Activities In the Antibody Laboratory


  1. Monoclonal antibodies: in the antibody laboratory we develop monoclonal antibodies against different antigens which are provided by the customer. We advise and help in the preparation of the antigen for immunization and the development of an assay for evaluation of the sera and the hybridoma supernatant. We have the knowledge and the facilities for preparation, maintenance and characterization of monoclonal antibodies.
  2. Polyclonal antibodies: Polyclonal antibodies are developed against different antigens; proteins as well as synthetic peptides. The polyclonal antibodies are prepared in rabbits rabbits (Done by Sigma), mouse and Rats, when necessary also in Guinea pig yet, needs special order.
  3. Bibliography: The laboratory is equipped with several books about antibody preparation, characterization and purification.
  4. Purified Monoclonal antibodies: We have already developed several monoclonal antibodies against different antigens these antibodies are available for immediate purchase and are listed below
  5. Large scale: Large scale of positive monoclonal antibodies clones can be prepared on request in miniPerm.
  6. Hybridomas deposit: We have large collection of hybridomas. You can store your hybrid omas at our lab.
  7. Antibody purification: ACTAPURE on protein A or protein G