Courses and Workshops

Upcoming Courses:

Advanced Imaris Training Day,April 23 2017, 9:30-16:30

By Dr. Georgia Golfis (Bitplane)

The workshop will include hands-on training of the new and advanced modules (see below) as well as discussion of use-cases

  • Filament Tracing which is used for analysis of neurites or blood vessels: automatic and semi-manual modes, using prior manual surface and masking
  • Imaris Cell: Segmenting cells in tissue from both nuclear and either cytoplasmic or membrane stains
  • Lineage Tracking: tracking dividing cells, and analyzing their lineage

We will not cover basic usage of Imaris, this is assumed as prior required knowledge for this training.

The training will take place at the computer classroom at Feinberg graduate school.
Registration is required as space is limited. Email for registration.

Practical Image Analysis for Biology (Spring semester, 2017)

By Ms. Ofra Golani, Dr. Vyacheslav Kalchenko, Dr. Reinat Nevo

Location: FGS computer classroom (B)

Bioimaging is a central set of tools in Biological research. It is interdisciplinary science which requires understanding of biology, microscopy, fluorescence probes, image processing and image analysis.   Tremendous volumes of multi-dimensional biological data are now being generated in almost every branch of biology. How to visualize and how to interpret such images in quantitative, objective and efficient way is essential knowledge for students who use bioimaging for their research.

The course will cover useful techniques and tools used for analysis of images in Biology. Topics that will be addressed include: basic concepts of digital images, visualization of multi-dimensional data, image processing in preparation for analysis, noise and image enhancement, binary operations, object/particle analysis and intensity and morphometric measurements, tracking of particles and cells movement,  colocalization and deconvolution and automatically analyzing large datasets.

We will address the issues of image ethics and proper image acquisition for image analysis.

We will introduce the students with two image analysis software: the free ImageJ/Fiji package and the commercial Imaris software. We will focus on examples and hands-on exercises that will teach a broad functionality of these tools and the concepts needed for building suitable workflow for a given application

Past Courses

Practical Image Analysis for Biology (Fall semester, 2016)

By Ms. Ofra Golani, Dr. Vyacheslav Kalchenko, Dr. Reinat Nevo, Prof. Zvi Kam

FGS Lab Course:Practical Image Analysis for Biology (Spring Semester, 2015

By Ofra Golani, Vyacheslav Kalchenko, Reinat Nevo, Noga Kozer, Zvi Kam