Operation of the cell analyzers with Cellquest

  1. Turn on the power switch on the machine
  2. Turn on the air pressure supply
  3. Restart the computer
  4. Enter CellQuest via the apple
  5. Go to >file open>open your acquisition/screen file
  6. Go to Acquire:
  7. Open>Acquisition and Storage choose number of events to collect.
  8. Open Parameter Description, Click on Folder (top box on the right), create a new folder
  9. with the current date inside your private folder and click on Select.
  10. Click on File (box below folder), write file name on the top line, check if sample number 11. on the bottom line is 1.
  11. Click OK. Keep the window open for sample ID or close.
  12. Open Counters
  13. Open Connect to Cytometer. Acquisition control box appears (if not - open it from windows). Cytometer becomes activated.
  14. Go to Cytometer:
  15. Open detectors and amplifiers, threshold, compensation and status and move to the side.
  16. Open Instrument Setting, click on Open, find a file to copy setting, click open than click on set (!!!) than on done.
  17. Make sure the acquisition control is on Setup, turn the knob on the instrument from standby to run, put a sample in and click on Acquire
  18. Adjust instrument settings according to the sample
  19. Click on Pause than Abort than remove the "v" from Setup