Bacteriology order

Liquid media

For regular liquid media (LB, YPD, M9 etc.) bring empty bottles or flasks.
These should be properly marked as follows:

  • Name of medium
  • Volume
  • Your name and lab
  • Phone number

If you need a special type of medium, please contact Tami (x2768). If it is a complex medium, you should bring or send the exact reference.

Agar plates

Ordering custom agar plates (not supplied by the WIS stockroom) can be performed in one of the two ways:

  1. Writing the detailed order in the notebook located in the Bacteriology unit
  2. Call the Bacteriology unit over the phone (x2768).

The order should be placed before 11AM each day, otherwise will be postponed to the following working day.
In addition, you should also submit an appropriate order through the Internal Services web site (see below).

Details needed to be supplied when ordering Agar plates on top of the person’s contact information:

  • Type of plates (square/round and size 6cm/9cm/15cm).
  • Number of plates (for 9cm ≥5 plates: for square and 15cm ≥3 plates).
  • Type of media (LB, YPD, SD.M9 etc.)
  • Antibiotics (name/s and final concentration/s). Be aware that we supply only routinely used antibiotics, including: Amp, Cap, Tet, Kana, Strep & Genta. All other antibiotics such as: G418, Hygro, Spec, Rif, & NAT, should be supplied by the user.
  • Additional details such as: A different agar concentration, a custom pH of the agar plates, etc.

Fermentation, harvesting & cell processing services

To schedule one or more fermentations, a custom harvesting, or high pressure processing of cells, please contact Amnon (x2768), to get more specific details. Once the fermentation has been scheduled you will need to supply us the process description. To this end, we will need: to get details on the numbers of fermentors, type of media, and fill a fermentation form at least a couple of days before the scheduled fermentation (to be provided in the Bacteriology unit or downloaded here). Orders should be placed, after consulting with us, through the Internal Services

Placing orders through the Internal Services

To place orders for liquid media, agar plates, fermentations, cell harvesting, and cell lysis, please follow the following steps:

  1. Surf to the web site internal services
  2. Choose “Login to internal Services (Web Version)” link marked in red in Fig1.
  3. The Weizmann Institute Authentication page will appear: Login using your personal or lab user ID and passwords, then press the Login button (Fig 2).
  4. From the list of services that appear select the Bacteriology – Media and Plates, or Fermentation and Downstream Processing depending on what you need to place an order for (Fig. 3)
  5. In the main order page type your name, updated phone number, and chose the account to be charged. If you have any special remarks type them in the Notes section at the bottom. Do NOT type special plates and media requests; those should be transmitted directly to the Bacteriology personnel. When ready press the Next button (red arrow in Fig. 4).
  6. In the order line that appears at the bottom of the screen click on the Add Row button (red arrow in Fig. 5), which will add a new description line.
  7. Next, press the List link (red square on the left), this will open the list of services of the bacteriology (Figs. 6 and 7). Select, on the left, the service that you need to place an order for (media, plates, fermentor, etc.), followed by inserting the correct quantity (plates and fermentors in units, or liquid media in liters). (Fig. 8 & Fig 9). Don’t forget to press the Save key to prevent from items to be deleted.
  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 above, as many times as you need by pressing the Add Row Button (Red arrow), followed by pressing the List link (green arrow on the left) as in Fig. 8 & Fig. 9. 9. Finally, to submit your order press the Send button which is placed at the top right of the order form.

When you bring your bottles or come to collect media/plates please drop a copy of the order in the Bacteriology unit.